About Brooklyn and Bricks LLC

My name is Carl Blaize Jr of Brooklyn and Bricks LLC aka “We Buy Houses.” I know that right at this very moment you’re likely saying to yourself, ” this can’t be this dude’s real name, this dude’s name sounds like some sort of pro wrestler from TV. I’ve gotten that comment a lot about my name my whole entire life, but honestly this is my real name, and I’m truly a real person looking forward to meeting you to hopefully be a solution to your real estate problem, and to show you how we buy houses fast.

I got involved in the real estate industry around August of 2017, it was something that I always wanted to give a try, but I really didn’t have the cojones to do so. It was then my epiphany arrived, but that epiphany was really just me being both mentally/physically tired from my actual profession. Now some of some of you might ask what is my daily profession? Ok! I’ll tell you what I do besides buying houses at Brooklyn and Bricks LLC. I’m a Communications Repairman for a local commuter rail road, and below you’ll see a video of me in the tunnels of filthiness, smiling as always while a train passes me by. I also graduated with an associates degree, as a registered nurse, but that’s something that I don’t currently practice, because I TOTALLY LOVE REAL ESTATE. Let me show you our secret sauce on how to sell your house in as little as 7 days.

So just think about it for second! If we were to meet for a no obligation consult for a property your trying to get rid of; I could fix your phone; fix your cable TV; fix your internet connection; take your blood pressure; tell you which medications can cause combo reactions; give you health tips, and then possibly buy your home. Now you tell me, where else could you get all of the services that I can offer you all in one shot? I’ll wait! LOL! So you see- it’s not such a bad thing to be skilled in two professions, but nursing taught me how to show compassion, and concern for people just like you. Yes! I’m concerned about your issue, and I’ll do my best to ensure that your needs are properly met from start to finish in a caring way.

We Buy Houses 

I have a great team of partners at Brooklyn and Bricks LLC, because when we buy houses we do so as professional as possible! So whether you’re getting ready to retire; having financial problems; getting divorced; wanting to avoid foreclosure, you’re a tired landlord or just want to learn more about us… don’t hesitate to contact us anytime if you need to sell your house  fast for cash!

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